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A fanon site for Dragon Ball Z and One Piece. One or the other or mix and match. Make your characters and write your story. Before you get started, though, please be sure to read the Rules.

I want to create a Dragon World Story!Edit

So you wish to get started on characters and places involving Dragon Ball? Great! However, since we are trying to base all of our stories in the same world, if you wish to start with Dragon World, there are a few things you need to know before you get started.

The Rules of Dragon World

The Dragon World

Creating a Dragon World Character

I want to create a Blue World Story!Edit

So you wish to explore the vast seas of the Blue World of One Piece, very nice. The seas are treacherous and full of pirates! If you're truly unfortunate, you could run into an enemy with the mysterious Devil Fruit Powers! Prepare yourself for the dangerous seas known as the Grandline!

The Rules of Blue World

The Blue World

Creating a Blue World Character

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